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Your full service medical logistics and freight corporation.
Experience the future in health care logistics!          

To call an order in, please call (262) 439-9111

Now a part of the MED-STAT family, E-Freight


MED-STAT USA will reduce your costs by outsourcing your "non-core" functions with greatest financial savings impact. We are experts at logistics, and highly skilled in all areas of home care, especially respiratory and oxygen care. We can also provide management consulting and training services to round out your team.

Our extensive professional background in health care and logistical services provides us with the complete understanding and ability to successfully manage the complexity of your service needs.

Health care is key. We take the extra time to know your needs. We will do what your staff does in the field, with your inventory, and your paperwork (returned the next day for processing).

Look at our service offering and see how we can positively impact your business.

Let us show you how!

Proud member of:

Accredited by The Joint Commision
Accredited by The Joint Commission

Let Us Show You How To:
  • Reduce your overall operational costs
  • Enhance your service capabilities
  • Provide management through technology

MED-STAT Mission:
To be a seamless extension of our clients' quality services.

E-Freight Mission:

To set the standard for excellence in expedited medical, banking and small package delivery by providing integrated and customized solutions that fit your needs, and to achieve best in class operating practices and financial results.

MED-STAT USA is capable of customizing any of our logistical services to meet your needs, including short term management staffing, workforce augmentation, route planning and enhancement, current practices evaluation, etc. Contact us with your requests.